2008 Stuff

Happy New Year to everyone, from all of us at TORQ. We apologise profusely for the random nature of this article, but we were reminded by a client of ours that the news pages were looking a bit stale, so what can a busy company like ours put up on its website relatively quickly to keep you entertained until some more important stuff comes up? We thought a very short little news item to give you a bit of an idea as to what we’re going to be up to in 2008…


Firstly, here’s a picture of TORQ Australia’s new trailer. We love it.

It’s towed by their 4WD below and we think it’s a great marketing platform for TORQ out in Oz. Dean and Gen at TORQ Australia have really embraced the TORQ philosophy and have been very inquisitive about how we operate over here. And going to events is kind of our passion over here. Gen and their head sales chap Kevin came over to London in October to help us at the Cycle Show in Earls Court – as much as anything to see how we operate. Apparently it was hugely valuable to them, but it has to be said that they were worth their weight in gold on the stand. So if you’re going to Oz, look them up and get your TORQ stuff off them. It’s all manufactured in the UK, so you won’t be able to tell the difference.

It’s summer in Oz at the moment of course, and the last time I spoke to Gen, orders were flooding in, which has to be a good sign. Just to fill in a gap, I don’t know if we’ve ever published this picture (below), but this is the TORQ RV from the UK. If you’re a regular at the Mountain Bike races, you’ll have seen it anyway, but if you haven’t – well we can’t show you theirs without showing you ours!

Moving on. Just so you know, we’ve got a big ad campaign going on at the moment. We’re running a series of 3 ads in Cycling Weekly, 220 Triathlon, Mountain Biking UK and Cycling Plus to launch the new TORQ gel.

Considering it’s winter, these have been flying out of the door, so we’re just bracing ourselves for the spring. If you want to sample the gels or any of our other products for that matter, visit the EVENTS section of this website and you can see where we’ll be.

We have samples of all the products available for taste testing at all of these events. A really big event that’s coming up is TCR at Sandown Park on 9th and 10th February. This is the largest event we’ll attend in 2008 outside the Cycle Show.

The future. Here’s what we have planned on the product front for 2008:

* Single-dose TORQ energy sachets (with a difference)
* A brand new TORQ energy product (top secret)
* Potentially 4 new TORQ raw products
* Another energy bar (hopefully 2008, but possibly 2009)

The Fitness Consultancy will continue to grow and improve as we expand. We have always been a Fitness Consultancy and always will be – and it’s our ongoing regular interaction with athletes that makes the ethos behind our Performance Nutrition range entirely unique.

Once again Happy New Year and may your dreams come true in 2008…