A Double Whammy at NPS 2.

The second round of the NPS this weekend proved highly positive for many of the TORQ-tuned. The course just outside Birmingham certainly wasn’t mountainous, but it had a few testing climbs making it a tougher course than the first round at Thetford last month.

Two of TORQ’s female riders Theresa Jordan (CC Luton – Masters Women) and Caroline Gay (London Phoenix – Sports Women) won their races, whilst Steve Farmer (Cycleworks.co.uk) positioned 9th in the Pro-Elite race, which means he gets 2 UCI points, enough to get him to the World Cup race over in Belgium in two weekends time.

Other notable results were:

Marcos Schier (Unattached – Expert Men), 2nd pos.
Pete Giddings (Swindon Wheelers/Bath Uni – Expert Men), 10th pos.
Mike Jackson (CC Luton – Expert Men), 16th pos.

Jeremy Olsen (Sports Men), 6th pos.
Scott O’Neil (Sports Men), 7th pos.
James Ducker (Sports Men), 9th pos.

One of TORQ’s downhillers, Adrian Hume (Meercat Racing) had a cracking ride this weekend (literally) at the Scottish Nationals, finishing 15 seconds clear of the field during qualification. Unfortunately though, he landed heavily on his wrist and broke it on his last practice run, so he’s going to be missing the next few weeks racing. We’ll keep him as fit as fiddle however, and he’s talking very optimistically about racing again very soon indeed…

Picture below: Theresa Jordan (CC Luton)