BBC Publish ‘Diet of the Future’

This article today from the BBC talks about an area that we are in broad agreement with here at TORQ, not just from a sustainability perspective, but from a health and performance standpoint too.

Essentially the ‘diet of the future’ isn’t pushing a purely vegan agenda, but directs people away from such a high consumption of meat and dairy, with more focus on legumes, vegetables and fruit. Everything about the diet spells ‘health’ and we approve. For athletes and physically active people, the diet recommended here won’t be sufficient to supply all the necessary fuel and raw materials for repair and adaptation, but this is easily solved through increased overall calorie consumption and structured fuelling and recovery nutrition practices, which is kind of where we step in.

To view our full range of Performance Nutrition products, click HERE. All of our products are suitable for vegans apart from our Recovery Drinks which contain whey protein. Incidentally, we use whey protein instead of a plant-based protein source simply because at this point in time, the research suggests that nothing works better immediately after exercise. We are a Performance Nutrition brand after all. The BBC article does not suggest that meat and dairy should be outlawed, just that we should look to get more of our protein sources from plant-based foods.