Beaver Middle

After falling off 3 days before the race, Dave was pretty battered and bruised at the start of the Beaver, nearly causing a DNS. However he persevered and won his Age Group…

We started in the murkiest lake I have ever swum in! I couldn’t see a thing and it didn’t taste too good either. However all went well and I was soon running out of the water ready for the bike.

I decided to attack the three lap course and to push it as hard as I could from the start. The windy conditions seemed to unsettle several competitors (who were using deep rim wheels) and I soon started to pass people. Coming into transition 2, my legs didn’t feel too tight, so I decided to try and hammer the run.

The 4 lap run course consisted of an out and back, which included a very steady hill. By the third lap, my quads were beginning to tighten (after pushing it on the bike and the start of the run), but I persevered and won my Age Group.

A big thank you to our sponsors for making it happen: – Triathlon Frames – Race Wheels – Wetsuits – Cycle Tyres – Saddles – Speedfil Hydration Systems – Pumps, Tools, Bottle Cages – Triathlon and Cycle Apparel – Lubrication – Bottles – Sunglasses – Helmets & Glasses – Cycling Footwear – Cables & Housing – goggles – Groupsets – Transition Bags – Power Meters – Custom Garmin Mounts – Compression wear