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    The Spooky Ghost Ship

    To warm you up for Halloween and in celebration of the launch of our new limited edition Winter Shandy TORQ Gel, we’ve put a short video clip together to get you in a spooky mood…

    Why take you on a tour of a ghoulish ghost ship? 

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    Order Winter Shandy

    The new Limited Edition TORQ Winter Shandy Gel is now available to pre-order through our website

    If you can’t get to the Cycle Show to pick up a box, you can secure yourself some of these limited edition gels now by clicking HERE

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    National Derny Champs

    Maddy Moore comes tantalisingly close to winning before it all ends in disaster…

    Maddy’s first national derny championships didn’t have the most auspicious lead up as she suffered from food poisoning for the whole day before.  

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    A National Podium

    Louise enjoyed riding her most local round of the National Omnium Series, as it went North of the border to Dundee. 

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    Roem En Glorie

    Jet setter Maddy Moore pops over to Amsterdam for some sprint training…

    In July, Maddy popped over to Holland for a weekend of training in Amsterdam. 

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    Strength To Strength

    Both Alex and Iain had strong races at the British Triathlon Championships and were both placed on the podium. 

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    Winter Shandy Gel

    No, this isn’t a dream, we have something very special for you indeed. 

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    Injuries On Hold

    Whilst re-building from injury, Eleanor couldn’t resist competing in the Castle Howard Standard Distance Triathlon, where she narrowly missed out on the podium. 

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    Mount Evans

    TORQ Fuelled Mike Cotty and The Col Collective team were back in Colorado for the massive Mount Evans, the highest ascent they’ve ever done and, needless to say this absolute monster gave them an experience like nothing else.  

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    Race Across The Sky

    It was a 4.00am breakfast with strong coffee for Sally Bigham last Saturday, as she steeled herself for the world famous LeadvilleTrail100MTB.  

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    A Champ’s Dream

    This race was one of Phil’s target events of the year. 

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    A Chiltern Challenge

    As this race was still in the midst of a block of training, Gemma was looking to execute a solid but steady performance here, and actually, things went exactly to plan.