Christmas Reading

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Here’s some reading/education to keep the brain cells fluxing over the festive period.

We did something similar last year, so you may see a few topics you’ve seen before, but below we have summarised some key educational articles that we’ve published over the years, including our latest 2020 pieces.

If you have any questions relating to the content of these publications, do drop us a line at our enquiries email and we’ll get back to you after 4th January when the technical team are back to in the New Year.

Don’t Fuel Gastric Discomfort: Has your stomach rejected the food or drink you’ve consumed whilst exercising? Have you felt bloated or sick whilst taking energy products? We explain why this might be happening to you and discuss how TORQ’s fuelling products have been formulated to mitigate the issue.

What’s The Difference? We regularly get asked what the difference is between TORQ Energy Drink and TORQ Hydration Drink, so hopefully we’ll clear any confusion up right here.

Going Keto: We take a look at what it means to follow a ketogenic diet. What is it, how would you go about it and can you expect performance or health benefits?

Immune System Support: We have created the definitive guide to help you understand what your immune system is, how it works, how to strengthen it and how to fight infection effectively should your immune defences be breached.

The Best Just Got Better: We provide you with a short history on carbohydrate fuelling and an insight into an exciting future with 2:1 Glucose:Fructose formulations. Could 4 TORQ Units per hour now possibly be on the cards?

TORQ Hydration & The TORQ Fuelling System: Are you a runner, or would you prefer the light mild flavour of our TORQ Hydration Drink over TORQ Energy Drink for longer endurance efforts on the bike? If either of these questions strike a chord with you, this short article is for you.

The Cramp Paradox: Cramp, we’ve probably all had it and know what it feels like, but what is it? What causes cramp and what can we do to eliminate the dreaded eye watering spasms of muscle fibres during exercise?

Isotonic, Hypotonic or Hypertonic Products? Are you confused about the technical words nutrition companies use to describe the merits of their products? What’s the difference between a Hydration Drink, an Energy Drink and an Energy Gel – they’re all liquids, but how do they differ in their respective functions?

Fasted Training/Training Low: As an athlete or physically active ‘competitive’ person, are you in the slightest bit confused as to whether you should be consuming a diet rich in carbohydrate, or restricting carbohydrate intake and leaning more towards fat and protein as your major nutrient sources? There are certainly some mixed messages out there, so we feel that this topic desperately needs to be discussed in a balanced fashion to clear up any ambiguity.

Grams Of Carbohydrate: How many grams of carbohydrate can the human body absorb per hour during exercise?

Stage Race & Multi-Day Nutrition: At long last, we have put together a definitive nutritional guide for stage-racing and multi-day events. We give you a blow-by-blow account from build-up to break-down. In other words, from start to finish – if we do our job properly, we’re going to make sure you never break down!

The Anatomy Of An Energy Bar: Those of you accustomed to reading our articles will know that we like to ‘Myth-Bust’ every now and again. Well, on this occasion we’re going to look at the humble energy bar.

Winter Indoor Training: We invite you to explore our Digital Training Resources, designed to help you to maximise your winter indoor training. Click on the images below to access our useful training, nutrition, fuelling and weight loss articles. Your first click will take you to our Indoor Training Plan, a dedicated resource constructed to help structure your indoor winter training, whatever your ability.

Nutrition & Fuelling For LEJOG: There are just a few days to go now until TORQ owner Matt Hart departs from Land’s End with the talented and inspirational Dr William Tan, along with teamies Peter, Alan and Dave. They plan to cover the 960 mile journey (they’re going the pretty way) to John o’Groats in just 9 days and here we tell you how they’re going to fuel themselves.

Energy Drink Revolution: Some time ago we wrote an article heavily criticising the concept of Electrolyte Tablets on the basis that they don’t fuel performance and aren’t particularly effective as a source of hydration either. They also contain artificial sweeteners, which are generally a hot topic of debate – at TORQ we choose not to use them. We don’t want to cover old ground too much, but we thought we’d raise the topic again in the context of the humble Energy Drink, because it seems really clear to us that if the electrolyte tablet had been invented first, should the energy drink have come along in its wake, it would have been lauded as the greatest breakthrough in exercise science for years.

24-Hour Race Nutrition: These resources have been built around a real life situation, so it doesn’t get more authentic than this. TORQ athlete Mark Turnbull decided he wanted to tackle the highly competitive RTTC National 24-Hour Championships and having received coaching and nutritional guidance for a number of years through TORQ’s Fitness Consultancy, we not only felt it our duty to assist him, we also considered this an excellent opportunity to use his experience to educate our customers as to what it takes to prepare and execute a great 24-hour performance – something we’re sure you will learn a lot from, and/or will hopefully apply to your own preparation should you be considering entering a similar event.

2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose: TORQ have delivered 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose (MF) Rapid Energy Delivery since 2005. If it has been suggested to you by any brand that products formulated at 2:1 MF are somehow revolutionary and new, it’s simply not the case. It certainly was in 2005 when we formulated our first Energy Drink and in 2007 when we incorporated the same 2:1 MF delivery system into our Energy Gels.

Once again, on behalf of all the staff here at TORQ, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year…