Day 9: Bloodwise LEJOG

TORQ owner Matt Hart is helping the inspirational William Tan get from Land’s End to John o’Groats in just 9 days on his hand bike with friends Peter and Alan. They are also going the pretty way, averaging over 100 miles per day with quite a few hills to get over. All proceeds go to Bloodwise to fight blood cancer.

We’re going to follow up with a more comprehensive summary of this trip, but suffice to say they DID IT!

The team were on the road from Tain and moving by 7:30am with the prospect of progressively deteriorating weather (heavy rain coming in at about midday and the wind moving from a 25mph north westerly to a northerly) and guess which direction they were heading!. The temperature was also 9 degrees!

The team have learned a lot about themselves on this trip and another day of heavy rain wasn’t going to stop them pushing to their destination. The adversity they have faced on this trip has been quite frankly ridiculous, but compared to the adversity Will has suffered in his life, it has been insignificant in comparison and a reminder to us all that ‘you can do it if you put your mind to it.’ In our case, Will’s story, as well as Peter’s who rode with us, who has also been through Leukamia, meant that complaining seemed highly inappropriate. In fact, none of us did complain, we just spent long periods of time in silence, presumably having our own little psychological battles. We all spoke of the same at dinner last night – this challenge was damn hard!

Within the photos, you can get some insight into the device Matt used to assist Will on the hilly sections (of which there were many). We will be releasing more information on this system on Facebook over the next couple of days, because it is the only viable way we believe that a hand bike and normal bicycle can be linked to power-share. Keep your eyes peeled for our summary report.

Yesterday’s stats: 86.7 miles, 4,745 ft of climbing and 7 hours 50 mins of moving time. One of our easier days!

A huge final thank you to Dave, the team’s driver, without whom they just couldn’t have done this. Also, a huge thank you to Peter & Alan who shared this experience with Will and Matt. Also, a thank you to the fellow Bloodwise supporters who rode with on some of the England stages. Also, a thank you to those who have handed the team donations along the way and the lady in Latheron who made them tea yesterday.

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