Expectations Aside

After an incredible first season, TORQ Fuelled Kate Comber Reflects upon her expectations and appreciations of racing as a professional triathlete.

After such a successful finish to my 2015 season, I held high hopes for my first full year of racing in the professional category. I had the input of a qualified coach to guide my training and I had invested in a power meter, so that I could monitor my cycling progress in watts. For the first time, it looked as though I had a good solid run base to build on.

After putting in a serious block of training over the winter, I was feeling strong and positive about the season ahead of me. For the first time, I had managed to achieve a structured training regime through the winter months. Then, just 2 weeks before my first ever training camp, I experienced an injury. Where, a simple and gentle ride into work resulted in a dramatic swelling in my knee –  which disrupted my training for 3 months.

I knew that my decision to race the Ironman distance, would involve putting my body through some heavy training, but this didn’t curb the huge disappointment, as I felt as though my body was starting to fail me.

As the swelling continued to disrupt my training, I felt as though the progress I had made over winter was slipping away. Back to the drawing board. A toe injury shortly after that, had me seriously questioning my future in the sport. As the season drew to a close, I shifted my focus to just completing Ironman Wales. As I eased off the training and my body recovered, I felt a new appreciation for being physically able to go for a run or ride without any pain.

Although my expectations for the season had not been possible, I felt content that I was able to continue to do the things I loved. Now, as I prepare for the coming season, I’ve learnt not to put pressure on the upcoming races, but to enjoy every swim, bike and run I am able to do.

Whilst last year’s set backs were far from ideal, I feel that they were important, as they gave me a new energy to feed into my training. Now, I know that it is just about doing all I can (within my power), to arrive on the start line of the Ironman in South Africa. To be in the best shape possible for me, and, to appreciate every moment along this amazing journey.”