I now have full control!

Many apologies for the lack of recent updates to the TORQ website. Despite being pretty handy as a fitness consultant, I’m sadly a computer nerd! My good friend Simon (web designer extraordinaire) has selflessly spent large chunks of time with me to enable me to run this little show all by myself. At least, that’s what he’s lead me to believe.

Features, research, fitness weekend info and news items will now be regularly updated, so please log onto the TORQ site every couple of weeks or so to check out what’s new.

Finally, with the sad demise of madformoountainbiking.com, some of the links from this site to theirs may not work in the future if their server is turned off. Again, bear with me if this happens as I have copies of these features and will upload them direct to this site in due course.

Have a wonderful Christmas and please pop back for a visit in the New Year.

Bye for now.