Kim’s NHS Marathon Challenge

Thanks to TORQ-Fuelled Pro Triathlete Kimberley Morrison, we have a challenge for all you runners out there!

Last week we shared Sam Proctor’s Everest Ascent Event and on Sunday, Sam not only ascended the height of Everest (which was calculated as an 8.1% gradient for 210km), but he also then went on to complete a further 100Km, to ensure a total of 930 meals for his local NHS hospital.

In support of Sam & our incredible NHS, we set a challenge for our cycling audience to get involved with – to cover up to the same 210km challenge as Sam, but that this distance could be accumulated over a period of 2 weeks.

As the Everest Ascent Event is running until Sunday the 24th May, you can still get involved & donate £5 to Sam’s JustGiving NHS charities & “Conquer a rainbow coloured distance.” For further information about the challenge, please click HERE. An alternative way to donate to Sam’s NHS charities, would be to head to our online store & purchase a heavily discounted Endurance Bundle, then TORQ will make the £5 NHS donation on your behalf.

This weekend, Kimberley Morrison, another one of our great TORQ-Fuelled Pro Triathletes, is aiming to run her first sub 3 hour marathon, to raise money for the NHS Great Ormond Street Hospital. We have therefore taken this marathon distance of 26.2 miles (42.2Km) & created another challenge, to embrace all you great runners out there, as we would truly love to get our incredible running community involved too. As with the cycling challenge, we have incorporated the colours of the rainbow into the event, to instil hope & as with our Thursdays’ #ClapForOurCarers, to demonstrate our heart-felt appreciation & gratitude towards our incredible NHS.

To get involved with this worthy cause & event, you can either pledge £5 to Kimberley’s JustGiving page: Kimberley’s NHS charity or head to TORQ’s online store & purchase our heavily discounted Endurance Bundle, then, we will donate the £5 on your behalf.

Then, starting at 8 a.m. this Saturday 16th May, you can virtually join Kimberley & “Pledge to Conquer” either a part of, or the full marathon distance over 8 days. As with Sam’s Everest event, Kimberley’s Marathon event will finish on Sunday 24th May.

The challenge can be completed inside or outside. Please be realistic and don’t take any risks. We have recently written a piece on how exercise can affect your immune system, both positively & negatively. Please give it a read if you are planning on pushing your boundaries. Above all, particularly during these times, we would love for you to embrace the challenge & enjoy each step of the distance.

Lead photo of Kimberley: James Mitchell Photography

Get Involved

If you wish to take part, you can either head directly to Kimberley’s Just Giving page by clicking HERE, or you can visit our online store and treat yourself to TORQ’s heavily discounted NHS Charity Endurance Bundle and we will make the £5 donation on your behalf.

As you can see above, we have converted the 26.2 mile marathon distance into kilometre “Rainbow Colour Zones” with a total distance of 42.2 km. You can run or walk a total distance of between 6 km to 42.2 km (you don’t have to complete the full distance) and you have 8 days to get as far as you can.

Once you have completed your first run or walk, simply email us with ‘Marathon’ in the subject header to and we will publish your distance in the results tab (above). Should you choose to “Conquer” (accumulate) another distance, please email us again with ‘Update Marathon’ in the subject header and we will adjust your total miles “rainbow Colour Zone/s Conquered” accordingly.

And then tell us through social media when you’ve completed your challenge, or part of it and include the distance you have covered and a photograph or screenshot. Remember to tag us us at:

Twitter @TORQFitness

Instagram @TORQFitness

Facebook @TORQFitnessUK

Please include the hashtags #NHSMarathonChallenge #TORQFuelled in your posts.

Kim's Story

Kimberley is a World Class Triathlete and you can find out more about her sporting achievements by clicking HERE.

Kimberley is raising money for the NHS Great Ormond Street Hospital, with whom she has always closely worked, as she herself was given an incredible chance to change her life after undergoing major complex heart surgery at just 3 years of age. Since this time, Kimberley has always been determined & ambitious & has also remained driven to raise awareness & funding for the incredible hospital.

Once again, if you wish to take part, you can either head directly to Kimberley’s Just Giving page by clicking HERE, or you can head to our online store and treat yourself to TORQ’s heavily discounted NHS Charity Endurance Bundle and we will make the £5 donation on your behalf.


We will keep this tab updated as your declarations come in from Saturday 16th May. Event ends on Sunday 24th May.

Distance Covered (Km) Zone Colour
Chris Banister 7 Red
Lee Barnfield 45 Violet
Carolyn Baxter 5 Red
Emily Baxter 5 Red
Cushla Bowie 10 Red
Dawn Collyer 21.2 Yellow
Angie Davies 43 Violet
Emily Farrow 15 Orange
Stephen Farrow 5 Red
Jack Gooding 46 Violet
Liselle Gooding 43 Violet
Ben Halton-Farrow 5 Red
Mark Harman 42.2 Violet
Teresa Harman 13 Orange
Amelia Hart 12.5 Orange
Matt Hart 9.5 Red
Sasha Hart 12.5 Orange
Owen Marsden 10.5 Red
Alice Marshall-Chalk 10 Red
Ben Moore 30 Blue
Thomas Morrison 18.3 Yellow
Augusta Ostle 10 Red
Emma Risbey 6.4 Red
Anthony Roland 32 Blue
Sam Vassallo 6 Red