NEW TORQ Elite Fly 550 Drinks Bottle

We’re extremely excited to launch the NEW TORQ Elite Fly 550 drinks bottle – the lightest and softest drinks bottle in existence! Like our NEW Naked Flavourless Energy Gel, the catalyst sparking our interest in this product came in a large part down to the needs of a Pro athlete. Scott Racing’s Nick Craig has been wanting this product for a long time and now he is happy!

Nick Craig is an Elite/Veteran British Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross racer who is a legend of the sport. With multiple National titles to his name and two Olympic Games under his belt, there are few Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross races Nick hasn’t raced and won. Nick is a technician and marginal gains man. Obviously he understands that he needs to be fit, should train efficiently and get his nutrition on-point, but he also doesn’t believe in wasted energy. When he plucks his bottle from the bottle cage on his bike, he should be able to squeeze it really easily and the contents should flow rapidly to where they’re needed – to his stomach.

We have to confess that Nick has been asking for this bottle for a long time and having hunted high and low for the perfect bottle, we now believe we have it. In fact, if Elite hadn’t called it the ‘Fly 550’ we would have called it the ‘Craigy Bottle’ – Craigy is how Nick is affectionately known on the competition circuit.

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So what’s so special about this bottle? The TORQ Elite Fly 550 has evolved out of years of feedback from the world’s fastest riders (Nick is not alone) and the desire to create the ultimate lightweight racing bottle. The TORQ Elite Fly 550 weighs only 51g thanks to its variable polypropylene wall thicknesses. Thicker on the base and thinner around the central body, this ensures a tight grip and an easy-to-squeeze ergonomic structure, providing minimal effort to eject the fluid within. Coupled with the easy-to-squeeze feature requiring minimal pressure from the user, the TORQ Elite Fly 550 has a very fast flow rate due to a larger than normal valve diameter. In combination, these two features offer a significant practical and ergonomic advantage.

The slim 2-piece cap is light and quick to remove, revealing a wide opening designed to easily accommodate scoops of your favourite TORQ Energy Drink or TORQ Hydration Drink powders. The simple push-pull 1-piece thermoplastic rubber valve is easy to activate with your teeth, helping you hydrate and fuel as fast as possible. As with our existing TORQ Bottles, the Elite Fly 550ml bottle is also 100% BPA Free.

Feedback from Nick and other World Class athletes has driven this development and now you too can have a piece of it.

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