NEW Naked Flavourless TORQ Gel

World renowned for our exceptional Energy Gel flavours, coupled with an unrivalled variety of Fuelling System products, built upon over two decades of scientific research and applied nutrition experience, we are thrilled to welcome another tool to your nutritional toolbox, the NEW Naked Flavourless Energy Gel.

Versatility plays a significant role in any successful fuelling plan and it’s our extensive and highly authentic flavour range which has dominated the endurance sports nutrition industry for so long.

Now, the NEW Naked Flavourless Energy Gel compliments the existing flavour range by allowing you to structure a neutral flavour profile into your flavoured fuelling strategy, allowing you to cleanse the pallet without negatively impacting your energy delivery and maximising performance.

To celebrate the launch of our NEW Naked Flavourless Energy Gel, we have created an offer that means that if you spend over £60 on any combination of products on our website, we will throw in 4 of our new gels (so you can try them) and a NEW TORQ Elite 550 Drinks Bottle (worth £16) FREE OF CHARGE. Click HERE to start shopping:

If you simply want to sample the NEW Naked Flavourless TORQ Gel, click HERE. You can purchase any flavour of TORQ Gel from this page, so you can perhaps try a variety of other flavours too whilst you’re there?

To read about Trek Segafredo’s Jasper Stuyven and how his feedback from the Tour de France helped shape the TORQ Naked Flavourless Gel’s development, click HERE.

All orders from TORQ’s website are dispatched POSTAGE FREE however small your order.