TORQ bar teamed-up with Masters Football.

OK, so it’s not Mountain Biking and why the hell have we got footy on the TORQ website? Simple really – Pro Footballers are serious athletes and the new TORQ bar has been designed to cater for the needs of serious athletes and physically active people. The idea behind TORQ bar was to produce a food that can easily be eaten and converted to useful energy during exercise as well as being a great tasting snack during leisure time too…

If you snack on a high quality high carb/low fat food, you’re going to recover far quicker from strenuous training and be able to work out for longer and at a greater intensity. The problem is, there are so many tempting high fat snacks out there that we really had to work our socks off to get the TORQ bar tasting how we wanted it.

We decided to link up with Sky TV’s Masters Football, because the intermittent nature of Pro Football drains the body’s carbohydrate stores and these guys need to maintain a diet rich in carbohydrate and low in fat. The nature of the seven-a-side Masters Football tournament also gives players time on the bench to recover, so what better place to re-hydrate and eat the bars. In League Football, TORQ bar will be being promoted as an incredibly effective snack of choice for the players, helping them to recover from the rigours of hard training and competition. Undoubtedly, TORQ bar also represents a valuable half time ‘energy booster’.

It goes without saying that TORQ bar was designed with Mountain Bikers and cyclists in mind, but as the product evolved during development it soon became clear that TORQ bar would influence the dietary habits of all kinds of athletes and physically active people. And hey presto Masters Football have taken on TORQ bar as their ‘Official Energy Bar’ and will be distributing to Football Clubs throughout the UK.

The Masters Football tournament final is on Sunday 7th September at 3pm in Newcastle, so tune in to SKY live and watch the final showdown between Newcastle, Chelsea, West Brom, Shefield Utd, Leicester City, Rangers, Charlton and Manchester City (and keep an eye out for our pitch-side advertising hoardings).

For more information on SKY TV’s Masters Football and to book for the final, visit TORQ bar.

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