TORQ Transform Santa

Father Christmas has been struggling in recent years to cope with the expanding global population and the unprecedented materialistic nature of society and even with the copious magic he has access to, he needed to make a step change in his personal health and fitness, or Christmas as we know it could have been in jeopardy.

This is when Santa decided to speak to TORQ. “I needed to take myself in hand” he said “I needed help with my fitness and I knew TORQ had a cutting-edge Fitness Consultancy and the more I looked into TORQ’s product range, the more relevant a proper nutritional strategy seemed to be when I considered the endurance required for my Christmas challenge. It wasn’t just the benefits that TORQ could bring to my endurance, I also wanted to consume natural ingredients – something Elfie.”

Anth Roland, TORQ’s Performance Director said “We arranged for Santa to come for consultancy in July so that we had six months to periodize his training and peak his form for 24/25th December. This has been quite involved and we’ve mixed high volume steady state training to develop his endurance as well as some focused FTP and interval training sessions to prepare him for the sustained periods of hard work necessary to deliver presents to densely populated areas like Tokyo.”

St Nick further justified his need for speed, agility and quickness “The pace of technology has made my job much more demanding. The use of GPS tracking and the growth of social media and messaging apps means that I have to be sharper and quicker than ever, because if one kid sees me, the games up – all of his mates will know I’m on my way in a nano second.”

When asked if there were any other benefits from working in partnership with TORQ, Santa said “A significant challenge for me has been the recent trend of Wood Burners over traditional open fires, because the flus are so much tighter. Since speaking to Anth and following his program, I have lost a significant amount of weight and now I just swoosh down those modern chimneys. It really has been life changing.” He also had nothing but praise for the TORQ Fuelling System “It doesn’t matter how fit you are, I’ve learnt that if I don’t keep fuelling, my glycogen stores start to deplete and my job gets really tough – I also tend to get a bit grumpy and the Reindeer don’t like it. The TORQ Fuelling System is simple, 2-3 TORQ Units per hour, job done!”

A few days ago, during Santa’s taper phase for the big day, we had time to sit down, talk and evaluate his progress over the last 6 months. “We’ve been so impressed with his commitment and dedication that we’re honoured to offer him a place on the TORQ Performance Triathlon Team” remarked James Emery, the TORQ Performance Triathlon Team manager “We could see how quickly Father C was progressing and when we considered everything – his remarkable turnaround in fitness and the fact that he would be a real crowd-puller, it was a no-brainer to put him on the team.”

By the way, if you’re planning on leaving mince pies and Sherry out for Santa this Christmas, can you please leave a glass of water and a piece of fruit instead? Help us to help him.

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!