Winter Turbo Training Sessions

It is easy to neglect hydration over the winter months, because the assumption is that lower temperatures equals lower perspiration rates.

This certainly isn’t the case when you train indoors on a turbo trainer, when perspiration rates are significantly high, so as well as urging you to hydrate properly when you train indoors this winter, we would also like you to train effectively.

On this basis, we have put together a concise, yet comprehensive PDF to give you some structure to your training over the cooler months. To download this document, click on the link below:

TORQ Turbo Training Sessions

The document provides details of 3 Turbo Training sessions of differing durations (30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes) developed by experts from our Fitness Consultancy.

These sessions are integrated into a weekly plan based on fitness level. The fitter you consider yourself, the higher training load you will be able to absorb.

If you’re not sure about your fitness level, start with the Fitness Level – Low plan and work your way up.

This plan is simple and effective, but obviously it is not tailer-made for you. At TORQ, we specialise in educating and advising athletes and physically active people on how to get the most out of their available time and nutrition to get the best possible fitness rewards. If you are interested in visiting us for education and/or coaching, please take a look at our Fitness Consultancy page or e-mail