TORQ Twinfoil

Last week’s London Bike Show saw the unveiling of a unique project between TORQ and Wilier. As sponsors of TORQ’s Triathlon team, Wilier have supplied the athletes with frames for the 2012 season, but the livery is quite unique. There are only 8 of these baby’s in the world.

The Italians have styled this slippery TT frame beautifully as you’d expect, but the attention to detail on the TORQ livery is second to none. There’s some ingenious science behind the design too, because in recent years bike manufacturers have worked incredibly hard to make their frames arrow-like and pointy at the front so that they cut through the air ‘apparently’ more efficiently, giving faster TT times. Wilier have turned this assertion on its head and state that the unusually wide front end of the Twinfoil actually channels air between the extended forks and head tube, making the air turbulent before it hits the rider (a much bigger aerodynamic concern). It’s the rider hitting turbulent ‘dirty air’ that Wilier say makes their frames faster than the others on the market. Our guys and gals on the team certainly can’t wait to find out.

For further information on the Wilier Twinfoil, take a look at either of the following recently published reports.

We’ll get back to you when the full bike is built up, but we couldn’t wait to show you this box-fresh frameset. On the finished bike, expect to see Fast Forward wheels in custom black and orange, just like the frame, Ritchey aerobars, Schwalbe tyres, orange Jagwire cables and Shimano drivetrain. Full details of our of our other non-bike sponsors will be announced shortly, but for quick reference, please refer to the list below.

Here’s a full list of our 2012 Tri Team sponsors:

TORQ; Performance nutrition products:
Wilier Triestina; Triathlon Frames:
FFWD; aero wheels:
Ritchey; Aerobars, saddles and finishing kit:
CycleOps – PowerTap; Power meters:
Zone 3; wetsuits:
Limar; helmets & glasses:
Lake; Cycling footwear:
Jagwire; cables:
Scott; running footwear:
Shimano; Groupsets:
Sable Water Optics; Swim goggles:
Max Media; Team PR:
Amphibia; transition bags:
ChampionSystems; Custom Trisuits and Cycle wear: