TORQ’s inspirational fitness weeks

In 2005 TORQ are joining forces with two holiday companies, AQR and International Bikes 51 to offer you four inspirational fitness weeks in the French Pyrenees and Southern Spain. There will be four one-week TORQ programmes on offer in 2005 catering for every school of rider – from the weekend leisure rider right through to the competitive elite racer. Whether novice or expert, if you’re interested in improving your fitness, nutrition and technique, one of these weeks is for you…

I have taken it upon myself to structure the week’s physical attributes and I’ll be leading daily seminars on a comprehensive range of fitness subjects including training theory, energy systems, performance nutrition, periodization, pedalling dynamics and sports psychology issues.

You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a fitness test, which will help provide insight into your personal physical strengths and weaknesses. If you were to visit TORQ, this testing would usually set you back £105, but as you will have already paid for my time (incorporated in the cost of your holiday), you will only have to pay the consumables cost of £25 if you fancy this optional service.

All four weeks will follow a similar structure, so if you’re curious about fitness/training concepts and want to be educated in an inspirational riding environment, just choose the date that best suits you. We will cover everything on every occasion – we have a week to do it. Some of the weeks do have a bit of a theme however to spice them up a bit. Here are the dates and themes:

28th March to 4th April 2005: Southern Spain // Pre-season tuning…

25th May to 1st June 2005: French Pyrenees // Peak for Mountain Mayhem…

7th – 14th September 2005: French Pyrenees // Inspirational fitness week…

19th – 26th October 2005: Southern Spain // Gear-up for winter training…

The prices for these 1 week holidays range from between £380 and £420, depending on the location. All accommodation, airport transfers, breakfasts and evening meals are included in the price you pay. Lunches and drinks are not included. You will also need to book your flight with one of the low-cost carriers from the UK.

Places are limited to 16 people per holiday.

Full details are available in the TORQ shop

And of course TORQ’s nutritional products will be available for you to use during the week and I will obviously be around to answer any of your nutritional queries as well as leading a workshop on the subject. Both Bikes 51 and AQR will also be offering some great deals on TORQ products too, should you love em enough to take them home with you.

For more information on TORQ’s inspirational fitness weeks, contact:

TORQ on // 0845 128 4312 // TORQ shop

AQR (Pyrenees) on // 0845 130 4824 //

IB51 (Spain) on // 0034 647 011 807 //