Tour Summary

The Tour de France finished this weekend and TORQ-Fuelled Jasper Stuyvern took another top 10 placing on the prestigious final stage on the Champs Elysees.

Jasper has had several top 10 placings in this year’s Tour and these haven’t just been on the flat stages (the domain of the sprinters), he’s had top 10’s on hilly stages and even in the mountains. Here’s a summary of his results:

Stage 1 // 10th // Flat

Stage 3 // 3rd // Hilly

Stage 4 // 8th // Flat

Stage 5 // 9th // Hilly

Stage 7 // 8th // Flat

Stage 9 // 5th // Hilly

Stage 12 // 10th // Mountains

Stage 16 // 8th // Flat

Final Stage // 8th // Flat

For further information on Jasper’s background and the genuine relationship he has with TORQ, take a look at this link:

If you’re interested in how to fuel and recover from a stage race like the Tour de France or are thinking of taking part in a multi-day event yourself, take a look at our comprehensive resources on the subject:

We hope you enjoyed Le Tour…