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    Order Winter Shandy

    The new Limited Edition TORQ Winter Shandy Gel is now available to pre-order through our website

    If you can’t get to the Cycle Show to pick up a box, you can secure yourself some of these limited edition gels now by clicking HERE

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    Winter Shandy Gel

    No, this isn’t a dream, we have something very special for you indeed. 

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    TORQ in Your Sleep

    It’s not long now until our very own and super-special 12:12 TORQ in your Sleep event run in association with www.gorrick.com 

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    Fuelling Propaganda

    Are nutrition brands telling you the truth about the performance of their products? 

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    TORQ A1c Diabetes

    TORQ have been working closely with Team Blood Glucose (Team BG), a not-for-profit patient advocacy organisation providing education, support, access and opportunity for all those with, or at risk of, diabetes. 

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    Recovery System Video

    We created the TORQ Recovery System over 3 years ago, but have recently been working on simplifying the communication of it. 

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    Research Latest

    TORQ’s range of performance products, including TORQ Energy, TORQ Gel, TORQ Bar and TORQ Chew, all use a unique formulation of Multiple-Transportable Carbohydrates (MTC’s). 

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    Best On Test

    TORQ gel has just achieved the accolade of ‘Best on test’ in this week’s Cycling Weekly magazine, beating all of the other major brands…

    Cycling Weekly Magazine said some lovely things about our gel this Thursday including:

    “If you’re looking to consume multiple gels over a ride, TORQ’s cannot be beaten…”

    “TORQ sets itself apart further with a selection of unorthodox flavours, which hit the mark when it comes to taste. 

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    Hand-Built in Italy

    Having worked with Wilier over the last few years with our hugely successful Triathlon team, last year we knocked our heads together over a very special project – to form a dedicated team for the Track…

    The TORQ Track team is 4-strong and lead by Janet Birkmyre, a rider with an extremely impressive record in track racing at elite level (these pictures are of her new 2016 bike). 

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    TORQ Down Under

    Here’s an engaging 2-minute documentary outlining the history of the TORQ Australia MTB team and the champions they’ve bred over the years. 

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    TORQ FS Infographic

    We’ve been playing around with ideas for our new leaflet. 

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    Fuelling System Slides

    We ran a series of 6 slides at the recent London Bike Show through the TV screens on our stand and here’s what our customers saw.