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    Christmas Caption

    For those of you who may have missed it, we’ve been running a competition from our Facebook page, inviting folk to create a caption for the TORQ E-Christmas card below. 

    We offered prizes for the best 5 and the best of those 5 will be used as our official Christmas caption – we’re going to re-work the image below and publish it on Christmas Eve from this website and via our social media platforms. 

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    Christmas Gift Packs

    We have excelled ourselves this year and put together some premium and imaginative gift options that we feel would be perfect for the athlete or physically active person in your life. 

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    Black Friday

    In the spirit of the winter season and the fact that we have a few boxes of our Limited Edition Winter Shandy gel remaining, we have decided to offer a special 3-day ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ deal on these amazing gels, crafted using genuine Adnams Ghost Ship ale. 

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    The Winners

    We are delighted to announce the winners of our #LimitedEdition #TORQWinterShandy #Halloween draw…

    Over the last few weeks, we have been gathering names across entrants from three social media platforms and popping them into our big witch’s hat at TORQ HQ. 

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    Daily Telegraph

    Jan Birkmyre both manages and competes with the TORQ Performance Track Cycling team and if she didn’t think the 37 World Masters and 3 Elite National titles were indicative enough of her abilities, her recognition in the Daily Telegraph this Saturday should certainly draw a line under it all…

    TORQ have had a longstanding association with Jan over many years, but back in 2014, we decided to put a track team together consisting of 4 very talented female track cyclists, Melanie Sneddon, Louise Haston, Maddy Moore and of course Jan. 

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    The Spooky Ghost Ship

    To warm you up for Halloween and in celebration of the launch of our new limited edition Winter Shandy TORQ Gel, we’ve put a short video clip together to get you in a spooky mood…

    Why take you on a tour of a ghoulish ghost ship? 

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    Order Winter Shandy

    The new Limited Edition TORQ Winter Shandy Gel is now available to pre-order through our website

    If you can’t get to the Cycle Show to pick up a box, you can secure yourself some of these limited edition gels now by clicking HERE

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    Winter Shandy Gel

    No, this isn’t a dream, we have something very special for you indeed. 

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    TORQ in Your Sleep

    It’s not long now until our very own and super-special 12:12 TORQ in your Sleep event run in association with www.gorrick.com

    This hugely popular weekend XC endurance event for Solos, Pairs and Teams takes place at Minley Manor, Hants GU17 9UF (this is the final year at this venue before we move on). 

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    Fuelling Propaganda

    Are nutrition brands telling you the truth about the performance of their products? 

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    TORQ A1c Diabetes

    TORQ have been working closely with Team Blood Glucose (Team BG), a not-for-profit patient advocacy organisation providing education, support, access and opportunity for all those with, or at risk of, diabetes. 

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    Recovery System Video

    We created the TORQ Recovery System over 3 years ago, but have recently been working on simplifying the communication of it.